Ramadan Prep Webinar Explained

Update: This is a Webinar I did last year… We all need reminders and I felt I needed to hear it for myslef too this year to get my act together… SO I am sharing a clipping from it here for all of you. First …..
(NOTE: this is from last year so you can see the old Logo)
 A very logical question many of you may have……..
How many times do we just fall into Ramadan, scrambling to manage all that we have to & would like to do. As mothers we sacrifice a lot of time for our kids, and other household duties on a daily basis. Many a times mothers feel they can’t gain as much from Ramadan as they need to fulfill the needs & demands of children, or keep children engaged in Ramadan.
In fact, in Ramadan mothers actually end up craving the “personal Ibadah time” even more, because they know it’s such small pocket of time for gaining EXTRA AJR & EXTRA HASANAT, and just like everyone less they would like to maximize it too!
This is something ALL MOTHERS can relate to. Depending on whats happening in our lives and the ages of our children, we find ourselves combating the SPIRITUAL LOW in Ramadan. I’ve been there…..many times! More, than I would have liked to be and it was mostly because, despite my wanting to I wasn’t able to prepare for Ramadan ahead of time. I didn’t know exactly what to do and what not to do. In Ramadan I wanted to feel:
  • more peaceful
  • more connected to Allah
  • more diligent in ibadah
  • more involved with kids in the spirit of Ramadan

Yet I would find myself feeling sad, sometimes even bitter for not being able to achieve what I would have liked to in Ramadan. I wan’t to help others not feel that way…… There is a solution. There is a guideline that we can follow as closely or as loosely as possible, given our own unique circumstances.

This webinar is for mothers, to enter Ramadan prepared and focused. It is not only a means of offering ideas, suggestions, reflections & activities to mothers to consciously involve their children in their preparation for Ramadan but also to enjoin their kids to be happily engaged & busy in the spirit of Ramadan, Beidhnillahi Ta’Allah.

If you relate to the above or know someone who needs it …… Watchthis clipping and share with others too.. Jazakallahi kahirun katheerah



Ramadan Poetry Competition


ATTENTION ALL 6-9 Year olds!!!

Assalamo alaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu,

 Thought of adding a new challenge on the blog and making your children participate in it…So here I am calling out to all those Lil rhymers and poetry writers, to send in a Ramadan themed poetry by Friday 27th May.

June 1st 2016

And Guess what Lil Explorers magazine will be sending their special Ramadan edition Issue: 18 to the 3 selected poems! SubhanAllah! How cool is that ?

Jazakallaho Khairun Little Explorers!!!!!! You can check out their webite here.

Little Explorers is one my favorite resources for authentic and beneficial material for kids. It is cute, colorful, informative and very nicely done. May Allah bless and reward the Little Explorer team. Ameen

All other participants will receive a special edownload from: 
How to enter the competition

Step 1 Sign up the Registration Form
Step 2 Read the Ramadan poetry competition rules

Step 3 Start writing Poetry

Step 4 Submit poetry by 
 email @ umamahlearningacademy@gmail.com 

Step 5 Wait for the result announcement on Monday June 2nd Inshallah


Poetry Competitions Rules & Information:
1) Entrants can submit only 1 poem by email, once submitted, poems cannot be revised or re-submitted.

2) Entries must be in English with the Poem title, participant’s name and age clearly stated
3) The contests are open to kids 6-9 all over the world
4) The decision of the judges is final and incontestable.
5) Entries have to be original. They must not have been previously published or submitted for publication or for other competitions or in a book, website.

6) Poem must have a title.

7) Entries MUST BE SUBMITTED BY Wed June 1st 2016. Any submissions will not be included in the competition



Hoping to hear from many of you Inshallah!

We are Reading

Here it is…….. our Ramadan Readathon Reading Collection. The Lil Muallims are welcome to read books from their siblings collections too. I want to encourage them to maintain a reading log too, as they go. If you would like to do the same, feel free to download our:
If you’d like to read about our Ramadan Reading Challenge and gt the Participant badge, you can find details here.
Really hoping to see more of you join in. 🙂
 LIL MUALLIM # 2’s Collection


LIL MUALLIMAH’s Collection


 LIL MUALLIM # 3’s Collection

NEW Chore Chart with a Purpose

Chore Chart with a Purpose
Finding a school chore chart in one of my Dollar store trips, encouraged to revive our chore chart system. With the kids ages more varied it can get a bit challenging but I am not ready to give up! The responsibility poster from Flowers of Islam adds a thoughtful purpose for my lil and (not so lil anymore)  helpers 🙂 It helps to fix the attitude and intention.

Helping around the house is not only a Sunnah but a big step towards accepting and fulfilling responsibility! Wouldn’t you agree?
As you can guess the chores are filled in with a dry erase marker as I did not remove the plastic cover of the Job Chart for convenience of erasing daily and durability. 

Ummi and Abi are added in it too so its just for the kids. So each individual gets 3 main big chores for the day………..On a side note Baba’s chores are random too depending on his availability due to his work and busy schedule.

What about Saturday and Sunday ? You may ask…. Our weekends are quite random and unpredictable we play those by the ear…..Also kids don’t get to CHOOSE their chores on the weekends (if we end up being home all day :):):) )

For the rest of the week I have a reference chart as a reminder of what needs to go on the chart and on what days on a regular basis.

You can see our previous post showing this and other posters by Flowers of Islam in our home for teaching importance of cleanliness and responsibility. 

I pray that our children become responsible individuals that can own and fulfill their responsibilities in and outside the realm of their homes with the correct purpose and continued diligencs. Ameen

Best Parenting Advice


Parenting advice worth reading and following….
1.)   Dua, Dua, Dua
2.)   Suhba (companionship) will make you or break you.

3.)   The Prophet (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) was a living, breathing reality in our lives.

4.)   Having fun wasn’t “haraam” in our home, but we kept the home environment as pure as possible.
5.)   Our parents didn’t just “talk the talk”, they “walked the walk”.
6.)   I wasn’t afraid to be the Bad Guy, but I never behaved badly.
7.)   I always kept them close by.
8.)   We didn’t spoil our kids nor did we praise them too much.
9.)    Talk to your kids…with love.
10.)  They had a pious father who engaged them.

Read the whole article at Muslim Matters


A Comment, A Qoute, A Reminder

Meaningful Gratitude

Gratitude is a way of life…something to be followed EVERYDAY every minute of our life….

The path of true and meaningful gratitude leads to more blessings. For, Allah says,

“And (remember) when your Lord proclaimed: “If you give thanks (by accepting Faith and worshipping none but Allah), I will give you more (of My Blessings); but if you are thankless (i.e. disbelievers), verily My Punishment is indeed severe.”
(Ibraaheem 14:7)

My each gratitude post is going to start with this supplication…..

All praises for Allah for directing me to the right path, May He continue to guide me and my family………I am thankful each day for my whole family with all our strong points and shortcomings and May our bond grow stronger in His way. I am blessed to be homeschooling my children and learning so much through them and with them…….


I am grateful for all comment on my Appreciating the little things post

A known fact and an excellent reminder….something that we parents forget at least once a day
 Anonymous said…
“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.”
~W.E.B. Dubois,1897
And if you count the Blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them. (Surah Ibrahim 14:34)