How to be a Math genius

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I found this really cool book at the library the other day. I just left it in the kids room without saying anything about it. AFTER a couple of days, I was very pleased to find Lil Muallim # 1 going through it. Of course I was even more pleased when after going through it for quite a while with deep thought…… “This is a VERY interesting book !” (I am so glad I didn’t ask him to read it cause if I had he might not have made that discovery, nor had been as keen about it. Funny creatures these kids are… 🙂
Alhumdolillah! … So this is a sure thumbs up in our home these days. So much so that I am really thinking if buying it for our personal library.
If your library has this book, I HIGHLY recommend you to get it to expose your older ones to the wonders of Math, mathematical thought and everything else math…. :):)
I am looking forward to using what I learn from this in our Math on the Level lessons. After all that’s what it is all about…. Thinking out of the box and seeing the Math in everything … yaayyy!!!

Ofcourse while looking this up on Amazon I also found this….

91z-rLq5mnL._AC_UL115_Does anyone have any experienc with this? I would love to hear your thoughts.