Paper Fun

Lil Muallimah gets Creative

Time and time again children surprise you with their creativity and creative expression. The other day Lil Muallimah served me with tea and cookies Lil Muallimah style:


  • Tea bag with brown paper in the cup and a tea bag tag fixed with a ribbon hanging from the edge of the cup,
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • crackers
  • yellow and pink paper strips for banana strawberry smoothie (if I wanted to drink something cold)

It was just too adorable Mashallah!

Art Journal


Don’t know when and if the kiddos will reach this level but they are thoroughly enjoying their creative exploration at this point.

While I intend to write a detailed post of our first Art Journaling experience, here are some sneak peaks from their Art Journals .

Lil Muallimah’s

 Lil Muallin # 2

and of course Lil Muallim # 3 did not want to be left behind…….. he was quite particular about what he wanted and where he wanted it!!! 


Home made Play dough



Yes Play dough has brought endless fun many a times in our home (and the mess and clean up that comes with it). We prefer the home made Kool Aid Play dough recipe I got from youtube.
1 cup of flour
1 package of koolaid
1/4 cup salt
2 tbsp cream of tartar (optional)
1 cup warm water
2 tbsp vegetable oil.
Combine the dry ingredients in a sauce pan and then stir in your warm water and oil. Stir in your sauce pan on Medium heat for 3-5 minutes until the mixture forms a ball. Remove from heat and let cool. Knead the playdough and store in plastic bag in the fridge until ready to use.
Recently Grandma visited us, and as she loves baking breads and other fancy shaped savory goodies. 

When she saw the kids making home made play dough and playing with it, she couldn’t resist playing and teaching the kids GRANDMA STYLE….

Felt Hand Flower

Personalized Flower Brooch

I saw this post at Handmade beginnings and knew that I had to make it with Lil Muallimah. We actually ended up making 2 in one go as Lil Muallimah wanted to gift it to her lil neighbour friend too Mashallah.

Lil Muallimah LOVED the idea wanted to do it all by herself by needed help in making it secure. I really should do more sewing projects with her so she can be more independent Inshallah.

We used the tracing of Lil Muallimahs hands and Lil Muallim # 3 so it was a truly personalized project for us. The added touch of cuteness. Mashallah

If you do not have a toddler handy you can do what the original poster of this activity did here 🙂 She has complete step by steps in pictures too.

Here’s what ours looks like. Colors were chosen by Lil Muallimah ofcourse.

I don’t have pictures of the second one but we actually used a kids safe safety pin for that one, you know the one that has a lock. Like the one here.

Popsicle Stick Crafts


Lil Muallimah and I have dabbled in popsicle stick crafts. After making some typical geometric shaped baskets using a glue gun, we went in popsicle craft frenzy. Infact Lil Muallimah started craving to make things on her own. So I opened pinterest for ideas and voila! Following are some of her copied and original ideas…. Mashallah!


Wall Decore Snowflake

Earing Stand

She made up a story about these characters while making these popscile puppets.

Will share pics of the ones we made together too…..Once I find the pics on my hard drive !!!!! 😦

DIY Push Pins


Where do you find large push pins ? As much as I wanted  to introduce the push pin activity to my kids I delayed it till I found one. Which I didn’t ….Sigh ! 

Finally, I was just struck with the simplest DIY. Love those moments. Well I got right down to it, it was difficult to take pictures while doing it but you will see it is very simple really 🙂 I just got our wooden craft beads from the $ store, push pins and a glue gun.

At a closer look you can see it’s not the neatest job, but my glue gun isn’t the greatest (doesn’t warm up enough) so I have to use more glue to ensure a long lasting joint 🙂

For the activity I also glues together 2 square cork boards I got from the $ store……… To see the actual activity go here.