ALLAH Lapbook


Age level 3-6

We made an Allah Lapbook some time ago… My main focus was to teach the kids that “ALLAH LOVES US”

The Covernew-pics-289

The cover was made out of orange Manila folders bound together like a book. I had some wallpaper border lying around I used it for the border and Lil Muallim # 1 helped with the coloring.

Surah Ikhlas

We reviewed Surah Ikhlas and made a four flap square to fill in essence of the Surah


On another accordion flap was added for the Kalimah. One side of the accordion shows the Kalimah in Arabic and the back side shows its translation. We are using this lapbook as an Islamic concepts SIGHT WORD tool.


Allah gave us Quran flap was made in an accordion fold in the shape of a book. The flap says:

Allah gave Quran to Rasulullah (sallalaho Alaihi Wasallan) for us. the salawat are stamped with the salawat stamp from Learning Roots “Noble Seal”

Allah Loves to Forgive

Children in their innocence, sometimes get really upset with themselves when something goes wrong or they make a mistake…. Infact as adults we sometimes mishandle the situation and make them feel even worse.

This is an excellent to opportunity to remind them and ourselves that……….. the important thing is that we realize the mistake and ask for Allah’s help and try our best not to do it again…..because if we take a step towards Him He runs towards us… He loves us more than 70 mothers……..Subhanallah!

A story book that we love and which we keep going back to for this concept is “A boy not too far away” by Salafi publications

This leads to the favourite part of our lapbook…..the hearts!!


The heart on the right says “Don’t be sad” and the heart on the left says “Smile”………..Really gets the kids excited Alhumdolillah!


See pictures below to see what’s inside the Don’t be Sad flaps.

Don’t be sad when something goes wrong or you make a mistake just……..

Smile Allah Loves You

Here is our heart with a Smile


Here’s a nasheed I made to go along with it, on the Barney tune. You can find some different style printable for it below. You can choose from Beautiful or Cute

I Love Allah, Allah Loves me Craft


This is a a hot favourite and kids may want to keep go onmaking copies if this….if you ask me THAT’S GREAT!!!

The hearts were actually printed by applying red paint to the sides of their fists. One with the right hand the other with the left. ūüôā

We will be adding more things to it as we go… so I will keep updating this post.

Allah Puzzle Game

The inside of the lapbook is entirely dedicated to sight words , related to the main topic as well as 2 Allah spelling puzzles. One in English the other in Arabic.

Allah’s name is actually a very easy to teach through sight. Just having the visual around makes it easy or the kids to build the spelling themselves.

Currently the¬† puzzles are kept on Lil Muallimah’s shelves as an activity and will be added onto the Lapbook as components as follows.

Our Allah English Puzzle: is simply letters cards to be put in order.

Our Allah Arabic Puzzle: is  to be built with felt. Felt actually sticks very well on felt, and is  a very sensorial way of making learning how to write Allah in Arabic

Surah Ikhlas Flash Cards

Surah Ikhlas through flash cards. Thinking of making flash cards for each word of this short surah on an index cards for Lil Muallim # 3. This idea is actually an informal way of introducing different forms of the Arabic alphabet, promote reading readiness for the lil ones and sequencing as well as a way to discuss tajweed rules for the older ones.


Allah’s¬† Beautiful Names

Among other things that I hope to start this Hijri from the month of Muahrram months is, reviewing (Lil Muallim #1) memorizing (Lil Muallim #2) and learning (Lil Muallimah) the beautiful names of Allah Inshallah.

Ofcourse the first resource to go to for this endeavor was Islamic Bulletin Boards. May Allah give the sisters who share their work their  Jaza Mashallah!

I found the sister’s idea to be also an excellent way to practice number line and thermometers with Lil Muallim # 2. I like most of us am always on the look out to make more benefits come out of any kind of learning and Alhumdolillah with Allah’s help i find them too.

So here’s what I am raving about check it out for yourself.

Then see below for our pictures.

These are in the kids bedroom, another good way of Dhikr and reviewing every morning and night. Alhumdolillah.

For help I have these “Asma ul Husna” cards placed on their bedside table along with their dhikr and adhkar books. I am trying to get them in the habit of reading and memorizing duas from these everyday Inshallah.

We listen to these very often:

My husband and I grew up listening to this as it would be telecast on TV everyday during Ramadan. I love this one because it’s beautiful and makes me nostalgic. ūüôā

Allah’s Beautiful Names Activity from Umm An Numan’s website, in the games section.


99 Names og Allah Worksheets from imanhomeschool.

Wonderful resource Mashallah!

May Allah rewards these sisters abundantly… Ameen

Ramadan Prep Webinar Explained

Update: This is a Webinar I did last year… We all need reminders and I felt I needed to hear it for myslef too this year to get my act together… SO I am sharing a clipping from it here for all of you. First …..
(NOTE: this is from last year so you can see the old Logo)
¬†A very logical question many of you may have……..
How many times do we just fall into Ramadan, scrambling to manage all that we have to & would like to do. As mothers we sacrifice a lot of time for our kids, and other household duties on a daily basis. Many a times mothers feel they can’t gain as much from Ramadan as they need to fulfill the needs & demands of children, or keep children engaged in Ramadan.
In fact, in Ramadan mothers actually end up craving the “personal Ibadah time” even more, because they know it’s such small pocket of time for gaining EXTRA AJR & EXTRA HASANAT, and just like everyone less they would like to maximize it too!
This is something ALL MOTHERS can relate to. Depending on whats happening in our lives and the ages of our children, we find ourselves combating the SPIRITUAL LOW in Ramadan. I’ve been there…..many times! More, than I would have liked to be and it was mostly because, despite my wanting to I wasn’t able to prepare for Ramadan ahead of time. I didn’t know exactly what to do and what not to do. In Ramadan I wanted to feel:
  • more peaceful
  • more connected to Allah
  • more diligent in ibadah
  • more involved with kids in the spirit of Ramadan

Yet I would find myself feeling sad, sometimes even bitter for not being able to achieve what I would have liked to in Ramadan. I wan’t to help others not feel that way…… There is a solution. There is a guideline that we can follow as closely or as loosely as possible, given our own unique circumstances.

This webinar is for mothers, to enter Ramadan prepared and focused. It is not only a means of offering ideas, suggestions, reflections & activities to mothers to consciously involve their children in their preparation for Ramadan but also to enjoin their kids to be happily engaged & busy in the spirit of Ramadan, Beidhnillahi Ta’Allah.

If you relate to the above or know someone who needs it …… Watchthis clipping¬†and share with others too.. Jazakallahi kahirun katheerah



Rewards in Jannah


In league with our lesson yesterday on Bab ur Rayyan… Lil Muallimah was aksing me questions about Jannah. I told her some of the things Allah will grant His blessed people in Jannah, like palaces and fruits and rivers of sweet drink. The most amazing thing my kids always find is the fact that hot will not feel hot and cold will not feel cold made them exclaim with the biggest smile and eyes popping out…“So we’ll be able to play with snow without mittens and without snow jackets and snow pants!” ¬†Also, not only will the people of Jannah have rivers of water, milk, honey and non intoxicating wine but will even be able to tell their river to go wherever they want. They be able to grab whatever fruit they want to eat from apples o strawberries all growing on the same tree, without having to climb the tree Subhanallah !

I also found these amazing printables on rewards in Jannah  at Tasheel Tadrees . There also have many other creatively made resources there Mashallah!

A few days back Lil Muallimah had 
made a picture of things she would like to have in Dunya (home) and in Jannah ūüôā May she be able to strive hard in Allah’s way to get much more than she can imagine Ameen

I also did an activity with my older Mullims. We all made a list of things we would like to have in Dunya and the things we would like to have in Akhirah. The point of the activity was to see which of the things that we wanted in Dunya would lead us to the things we want in Akhirah the eternal abode.
We got the printable for this Ramadan Planner

Along with all this the middle ones continued another of our family tradition which I will post about in another post. 

Ramadan Sensory Tub


Back in 2011 when Lil Muallimah was a toddler, in an effort to get the kids excited about Ramadan I made a Ramadan Sensory Tub. What had been just a brain wave and ended up becoming a fun and enriching experience for all of us by the blessings of Allah.

I spread out an old bordered cloth in tupper ware. Then I made prayer mats & kufi with felt and hijab with left over cloth from an & torn, cloth baggy. Lil Muallim 2 & Lil Muallimah had become really excited seeing those… wondering what they were for. They¬†even laid down the prayer mat and and held the kufi on their heads and made sujood saying: “Look I did it! I made the smallest sajdah ever!”

The idea of a “Ramadan Sesnsory Tub” is to get to talk about Ramadan, it’s importance, requirements and activities.

Ramadan Sensory Tub Contents:

  • crescent moon and masjid¬†with shiny card stock
  • two prayer mats
  • a hijab and kufi
  • a date wrapped in cling wrap
  • an empty wooden case of a very tiny mushaf for “Quran”
  • coins to show we should give Zakat
  • a small canvas frame with¬†“Allah” on it to discuss dhikr, remebrance of Allah and being concsious of Allah at all times

When I introduced it to Lil Mualliamh. We got to discuss quite a few things Alhumdolillah! I got to see how her understanding of things could be enhanced by each time we went through the sensory tub Inshallah…..especially the importance and need of Dhikr and Zakah.

All my Lil Muallims really liked the Sensory tub and the older ones found it very cute.

Sensory Tub Vocabulary Words

  • Allah
  • Ramadan (9th Islamic Month)
  • Quran
  • dhikr
  • tamr (date fruit)
  • kufi (head cover for boys)
  • hijab (head cover for girls)
  • sajjadah (prayer mat)
  • hilal (crescent)
  • masjid (mosque)
  • sadaqah (good deed)
  • khairat (charity)
  • zakat
  • and hopefully more as we go

This year I will be redoing this for Lil Muallim # 3, but in a different way… Stay tuned.