Ramadan Planning

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How do you plan for Ramadan ?

There are some really helpful free resources out there to help you plan effectively for Ramadan. With the help of these you can Inshallah enter Ramadan :

  • More organized
  • More prepared
  • More enthusiastic
  • More Focused
Here are some Awesome Tips & Free Resources
Deep Cleaning & De Cluttering Checklist @ The Organized Muslimah



The Ultimate Ramadan Tools Review: Worksheets, Planners, Apps and Doodles! The Ultimate Ramadan Tool @ Productive Muslim







Ramadan Planner very cool @Oraganized Muslimah





Ramadan Meal & Activity Planner Sample Advert
ramadan journal front
Ramadan Jornal for Moms @ A Muslim Homeschool
Kids Ramadan Journal advert (1)
Kids Ramadan journal @ A Muslim Homeschool
Also by A Muslim Homeschool
Ramadan Planner @eezeehomeschool
Ramadanm & Eid PLanner for 2016 @ Happy Muslim Mama

Ramadan Poetry Competition


ATTENTION ALL 6-9 Year olds!!!

Assalamo alaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu,

 Thought of adding a new challenge on the blog and making your children participate in it…So here I am calling out to all those Lil rhymers and poetry writers, to send in a Ramadan themed poetry by Friday 27th May.

June 1st 2016

And Guess what Lil Explorers magazine will be sending their special Ramadan edition Issue: 18 to the 3 selected poems! SubhanAllah! How cool is that ?

Jazakallaho Khairun Little Explorers!!!!!! You can check out their webite here.

Little Explorers is one my favorite resources for authentic and beneficial material for kids. It is cute, colorful, informative and very nicely done. May Allah bless and reward the Little Explorer team. Ameen

All other participants will receive a special edownload from: 
How to enter the competition

Step 1 Sign up the Registration Form
Step 2 Read the Ramadan poetry competition rules

Step 3 Start writing Poetry

Step 4 Submit poetry by 
 email @ umamahlearningacademy@gmail.com 

Step 5 Wait for the result announcement on Monday June 2nd Inshallah


Poetry Competitions Rules & Information:
1) Entrants can submit only 1 poem by email, once submitted, poems cannot be revised or re-submitted.

2) Entries must be in English with the Poem title, participant’s name and age clearly stated
3) The contests are open to kids 6-9 all over the world
4) The decision of the judges is final and incontestable.
5) Entries have to be original. They must not have been previously published or submitted for publication or for other competitions or in a book, website.

6) Poem must have a title.

7) Entries MUST BE SUBMITTED BY Wed June 1st 2016. Any submissions will not be included in the competition



Hoping to hear from many of you Inshallah!

Ramadan Countdown


Alhumdolillah…….We started off with our Ramadan countdown a few days ago with Lil Muallim # 3. Its will be a game of patience for him…. to count ONLY 1 square everyday.
But if needed we can print a new one for him… hehe

Our’s is in our Ramadan Corner, that we are setting up.

Here’s what it looks like now. Our intention is to collect all our Ramadan related activities in here, to pull out as needed before and during Ramadan Inshallah.
Cork Board on top of the Chest of Drawers
Inside Drawer 1
Inside Drawer 2
This set up is right next to our Ramadan Readathon Challenge collection. You can read about it here.

Dua for Sighting the Moon


Despite our attempt, our pre Ramadan planning didn’t fully materialize as far as activities are concerned Qadrallahu ma sha fa’al. We ended up just diving into Ramadan as LIFE continues to happen. We entered in a little sloppily but I want to catch up and make it up as much as I can…. Beidhnillah

Sharing an adorable coloring page for learning the Dua for Sighting the Moon be Iman’s Homeschool. So adorable Mashallah! May Allah reward the sister for sharing.

A perfect review for Eid Moon too 🙂

Pre Ramadan Planning

I’ve noticed a pattern in my blogging… It’s usually most active during and around Ramadan. So without further ado, here’s what we are trying to do this year.


Every year I found myself planning and working with the kids right before Ramadan or during it. But I really want to spend my Ramadan with less planning and organizing and more achieving in the sense of Ibadah and organized learning and Ramadan themed activities with kids. I’ve been wanting to start early and vowed not to let time pass away this time. This is exactly what I told my kids.

I also told them that Inshallah we will all try and work together to raise our level of Eiman BEFORE Ramadan so we can enjoy the best RAMADAN we’ve ever had in terms of perfection of Ibadah and in making conscious efforts in gaining extra Hasanat.
So here’s what we did. May Allah bless our efforts Ameen.
I sat down with the kids with calendar pages from March to June  printed from worksheetworks.com and asked them to mark Ramadan and Eid. Then we counted how many days we have left for Ramadan starting from March 2nd.

You can get these from our PDF link here

 So we’ve got approximately 108 days…….. Now what can we do make the most of these days to increase our levels of Eimaan. What areas do you think we need to work in…. let’s Brain storm.
Here’s what we came up with between Lil Muallim 1, 2 and Lil Muallimah…..
  1. Improving Salah
  2. Regularity in Quran Reading
  3. Understanding Quran
  4. Improving Duas
  5. Improving Dhikr habit
  6. Charity: monetary and through doing EXTRA good deeds
  7. Learning Hadith and Sunnah

Alhumdolillah the brainstorming was fruitful and by the Mercy and Grace of Allah the kids came up with all the aspects I was hoping for.


Next up we brainstormed on what we had to do to achieve what we want in each area. You can also download a sample of our table or an empty template to work on your own
Finally we marked what we wanted to start out with first. I told the kids we will ease into those slowly making sure our progress is constant cause if we get into it full  force ahead we might loose our steam and then not be able to achieve what we are hoping for. 
We would like to move slowly but surely gaining momentum and Istiqamah Inshallah 
Will try and post our progress as we move along with our plan….. First off kids are attending a Halaqah every week where they work Basic Islamic Concepts, Surah Translations, Duas and more through mini lapbooks and other wonderful resources graciously shared by Muslim Homeschool Moms.

Ya Ar Rasheed….The Guide the Righteous teacher….please help us achieve our goal this year and let it not be just a plan….

Rewards in Jannah


In league with our lesson yesterday on Bab ur Rayyan… Lil Muallimah was aksing me questions about Jannah. I told her some of the things Allah will grant His blessed people in Jannah, like palaces and fruits and rivers of sweet drink. The most amazing thing my kids always find is the fact that hot will not feel hot and cold will not feel cold made them exclaim with the biggest smile and eyes popping out…“So we’ll be able to play with snow without mittens and without snow jackets and snow pants!”  Also, not only will the people of Jannah have rivers of water, milk, honey and non intoxicating wine but will even be able to tell their river to go wherever they want. They be able to grab whatever fruit they want to eat from apples o strawberries all growing on the same tree, without having to climb the tree Subhanallah !

I also found these amazing printables on rewards in Jannah  at Tasheel Tadrees . There also have many other creatively made resources there Mashallah!

A few days back Lil Muallimah had 
made a picture of things she would like to have in Dunya (home) and in Jannah 🙂 May she be able to strive hard in Allah’s way to get much more than she can imagine Ameen

I also did an activity with my older Mullims. We all made a list of things we would like to have in Dunya and the things we would like to have in Akhirah. The point of the activity was to see which of the things that we wanted in Dunya would lead us to the things we want in Akhirah the eternal abode.
We got the printable for this Ramadan Planner

Along with all this the middle ones continued another of our family tradition which I will post about in another post.