How to be a Math genius

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I found this really cool book at the library the other day. I just left it in the kids room without saying anything about it. AFTER a couple of days, I was very pleased to find Lil Muallim # 1 going through it. Of course I was even more pleased when after going through it for quite a while with deep thought…… “This is a VERY interesting book !” (I am so glad I didn’t ask him to read it cause if I had he might not have made that discovery, nor had been as keen about it. Funny creatures these kids are… 🙂
Alhumdolillah! … So this is a sure thumbs up in our home these days. So much so that I am really thinking if buying it for our personal library.
If your library has this book, I HIGHLY recommend you to get it to expose your older ones to the wonders of Math, mathematical thought and everything else math…. :):)
I am looking forward to using what I learn from this in our Math on the Level lessons. After all that’s what it is all about…. Thinking out of the box and seeing the Math in everything … yaayyy!!!

Ofcourse while looking this up on Amazon I also found this….

91z-rLq5mnL._AC_UL115_Does anyone have any experienc with this? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Continent Dot to Dot


I found these really neat printable at 100 day Activities. Lil Muallimah got the easier ones Lil Muallim # 2 got the harder ones. They both like there continent dot to dot sheets. 

I put Lil Muallimah ones in protective sheets and in a file to keep them safe and reusable.

Today I took Lil Muallimah’s out of the file to see if she could recognize her continents without tracing them first. Mashallah she got them all right, as she named them ans explained her observation, why she thought it was that continent. She described how she knew, giving details of the shape and surrounding. I was very impressed. The nomenclature cards and her big map really helped Alhumdolillah

Here’s what I mean

You’ve got to like the subtle element of Math (counting beyoind ten) while tracing the continents. Just the perfect out of the box Math activity Math on the Level style.

Before she can be done, she has to clean her tracings so there are no marks left on the protective sheet and pick up her cards.


These were done very enthusiastically and with concentration with me beside her 🙂

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Straight and Curved Lines


When I downloaded these sorting cards from Montessori for Everyone , I really liked but thought that it was a limited activity in itself, as a child will soon master it in a few times. Which it did. 2 days back we revisited this activity adding more to….

For Straight lines….
I showed Lil Muallimah how to make sure to keep the string straight by holding and pulling it tight by both ends.

For Curved lines….
I showed Lil Muallimah to lay down the string and shape it by moving the finger alongside it to match the card 

All packed in a try for next time 🙂

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