Number Sense 1

Math: Number Sense


Number Sense Tub # 1

Lil Muallimah spreads out the cards and then matches the foam letters with the number shape on the card. She loves getting it right and see how they match. We are still working on the order of the numbers 🙂

The beads at the bottom of the card help in counting.

Hoping to have her correspond with items at the back of the cards soon. Inshallah

Number Sense Tub # 2

This is our FAVOURITE one. Got the idea from another blog. So again Lil Muallimah spreads out the card but this time matches the corresponding “pom pom balls” on to the card. There are only the exact number of balls for each number with it’s corresponding colour so she can’t get it wrong…….very encouraging! 🙂 As you will notice I have used the small sized pom pom balls for this activity.

You can find the post and the printable here.

I did add my own touch to cards (only not to waste the index card and for future learning! :)) once I cut and pasted the numbers onto the index card I used the remaining portion to spell out the number. I don’t refer to it at all now. It’s just there. Later when we are working on sight words I will start pointing onto the number in words too. I also mean to add a match game with additional word spelling cards. later on. Beindhnillah

PLEASE READ: A dear friend (Montessori Directress) did point one thing out to me about the following activity. It is EXTREMELY important if you are dealing with younger children and/or ones who are not strong with their colors.

” If we were to look at it from the Montessori perspective, there is room for improvement. If I were to ask you a simple question as to what would you do if a child matches 3 pompoms with no.3, but he does not match the right colors? if u try to tell the child that the colors need to be matched as well , he may be offended because he might only be interested in numbers and not colors. A montessori activity concentrates only on 1 basic concept or idea. This is called isolation.

Similarly in teaching quantity and number symbols, the quantity/object should be the same, e.g. all pompoms should be the same color and size, the symbol should be the same color and size. the control of error should be in accordance with the concept. In this case it would be 6 pompoms because matching 1 quantity wrong will leave more or less pompoms in the end.”

May Allah reward her for pointing it out.


I really liked the learning curve this activity brought for myself….Alhumdolillah.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In our home we ended up introducing this activity after the age of 4 and the kids were confident & strong in grasping the concept… so I just continued as is. Please choose the best option based on your child’s age & maturity level. Inshallah

Here’s the current version for Lil Muallim # 3








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