Slime Recipe

For all of you who’ve been asking for Slime recipe because of our sliem vidoes & pictures on Instagram & facebook……..It’s finally here… sorry for the LOOOOOOOOONNNGGGG wait… I just wasn’t getting time to upload it….

You will find 3 different recipe options in the pdf download, using borax or liquid starch (We used Staflo) or Tide detergent

Yes it’s oddly Satisfying! ENJOY!!!

Ramadan Planning

(Sorry for the mess in the post… the editing doesn’t seem to be working for me)

How do you plan for Ramadan ?

There are some really helpful free resources out there to help you plan effectively for Ramadan. With the help of these you can Inshallah enter Ramadan :

  • More organized
  • More prepared
  • More enthusiastic
  • More Focused
Here are some Awesome Tips & Free Resources
Deep Cleaning & De Cluttering Checklist @ The Organized Muslimah



The Ultimate Ramadan Tools Review: Worksheets, Planners, Apps and Doodles! The Ultimate Ramadan Tool @ Productive Muslim







Ramadan Planner very cool @Oraganized Muslimah





Ramadan Meal & Activity Planner Sample Advert
ramadan journal front
Ramadan Jornal for Moms @ A Muslim Homeschool
Kids Ramadan Journal advert (1)
Kids Ramadan journal @ A Muslim Homeschool
Also by A Muslim Homeschool
Ramadan Planner @eezeehomeschool
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Geography Workshop Testimonials


Here’s what moms had to say for the Mom’s Geography Workshops:

Umm Zain:“A big jazakallah to you for conducting the geography workshop today! I feel like I am walking around with a globe head today… Always thinking about the land masses and the oceans 🙂 I discovered Southern Ocean today Alhamdullilah. I also learned that the earth’s tilt stays the same. It took 200 yrs to build the great wall of china. We visited many countries on google earth too! It was so much fun!! I declare a workhop on land formations soon! There was a lot covered Alhamdullilah 🙂

Anonymous “Jazakallah for hosting a fabulous workshop today. It was really enlightening,inspirational and benefitted me a lot. Love the way you had everything organized and your style of presentation was amazing. Looking forward to attending future workshops.”

Testimonials from the KIds Geography Workshops

Naila KIbria:“Mashallah! Jazakallah Sis!My son loves attending these classes! The classes are full of energy and excitement. He looks forward to the interactive activities and all the songs and rhymes they learn. He loves coming home with the hand outs and showing his family and friends what Aunti has taught in class. May Allah swt bless your family in many folds for providing these classes ameen ”

Madiha Hashmi:“My kids attended both the World Geography and Canadian Geography classes and learned a lot MashaAllah (as did I :)). Along with teaching the kids the various concepts of geography,  UmmUmamah does a great job empowering parents with the knowledge needed to reinforce the concepts learned with tons of printables, links and tips.”

Raviha Waqar“JazakAllah sister for organizing the Geography classes. My son attended both the sessions, World Geography as well as Canadian Geography, since we did not start with the topics yet these sessions proved to have given him a strong base and love for the subject to build upon further. We were surprised that he knew all continents by heart when he came back after the first session only. The way you incorporated Montessori techniques and kept themes and songs made him remember everything. The drills they did whether by the huge maps or models you had made or crafts they worked on and the abundant worksheets you supplied us with keeping same color scheme engraved the topics in his mind not only of the world but he also learned a lot in Canadian geography which for me being a new immigrant were a great help since I didn’t know much myself.And best of all the way you connected Geography with Islam and made the connections of our important landmarks and How Allah made everything,it made perfect sense to them. The sessions were very nicely assembled and age appropriate details were shared. JazakAllah for your hard work and giving Muhib such a wonderful start.”


Number Sense 1

Math: Number Sense


Number Sense Tub # 1

Lil Muallimah spreads out the cards and then matches the foam letters with the number shape on the card. She loves getting it right and see how they match. We are still working on the order of the numbers 🙂

The beads at the bottom of the card help in counting.

Hoping to have her correspond with items at the back of the cards soon. Inshallah

Number Sense Tub # 2

This is our FAVOURITE one. Got the idea from another blog. So again Lil Muallimah spreads out the card but this time matches the corresponding “pom pom balls” on to the card. There are only the exact number of balls for each number with it’s corresponding colour so she can’t get it wrong…….very encouraging! 🙂 As you will notice I have used the small sized pom pom balls for this activity.

You can find the post and the printable here.

I did add my own touch to cards (only not to waste the index card and for future learning! :)) once I cut and pasted the numbers onto the index card I used the remaining portion to spell out the number. I don’t refer to it at all now. It’s just there. Later when we are working on sight words I will start pointing onto the number in words too. I also mean to add a match game with additional word spelling cards. later on. Beindhnillah

PLEASE READ: A dear friend (Montessori Directress) did point one thing out to me about the following activity. It is EXTREMELY important if you are dealing with younger children and/or ones who are not strong with their colors.

” If we were to look at it from the Montessori perspective, there is room for improvement. If I were to ask you a simple question as to what would you do if a child matches 3 pompoms with no.3, but he does not match the right colors? if u try to tell the child that the colors need to be matched as well , he may be offended because he might only be interested in numbers and not colors. A montessori activity concentrates only on 1 basic concept or idea. This is called isolation.

Similarly in teaching quantity and number symbols, the quantity/object should be the same, e.g. all pompoms should be the same color and size, the symbol should be the same color and size. the control of error should be in accordance with the concept. In this case it would be 6 pompoms because matching 1 quantity wrong will leave more or less pompoms in the end.”

May Allah reward her for pointing it out.


I really liked the learning curve this activity brought for myself….Alhumdolillah.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In our home we ended up introducing this activity after the age of 4 and the kids were confident & strong in grasping the concept… so I just continued as is. Please choose the best option based on your child’s age & maturity level. Inshallah

Here’s the current version for Lil Muallim # 3








Montessori Inspirations



Keeping the lil one engaged, busy and HAPPY while the older ones are doing their lessons is quite a challenge. We all have experienced it or soon will as the kids and our families grow Mashallah.

With constant demands of “I want to do MY work” from my Lil Muallimah I buckled myself up. So this year I am going to to try and provide fun activities to help her be happy during our lesson time. I had been doing a lot of unplanned casual play and learn activities with her. She is now ready for a more structured program (in a toddler way).

So in the next few posts I’ll be sharing teh various activities that have been in  Lil Muallimah’s shelves…

Having studied in a Montessori as a child myself, I am really amazed by the impact they still have on me. I not only loved them but MISS them even now 🙂 I got a chance to touch Montessori material again when I volunteered in one  for  a few months.

Truly inspired by Montessori methods, scouring the internet and guidance from my Montessori trained friends I came to the following conclusion.

“The next best thing to having and knowing how to use Montessori materials is trying to adopt and adapt Montessori ideas with available resources :)”

PLEASE NOTE:The following ideas are not entirely Montessori style but just an inspired effort. They do not follow the Montessori ideology to it’s core but do strive to have the essence of it.

The shelf holds bright colored tubs I bought from the $ store (3 for $ Alhumdolillah!)

How does it work?

Problem Solving: Puzzles

Math: Number Sense

Colors: recognition and matching

Arabic: Huroof Recognition

Spatial Sense: Shape recognition


Fine Motor Skills and Hand Eye Co-ordination

I’ll share the first one in this post:

The puzzle pieces for each of the puzzles are in separate tubs. Lil Muallimah chooses her puzzle and picks up the tub, brings it to her table and builds the puzzle..She then puts them back when she is done. I love the one concept per tub idea as it gives structure as well as control over the activity. Makes the clean up a natural thing to do Mashallah! There are always exceptions and I am willing to work with that.


Both the wooden puzzles are from $ store too! 🙂

And here’s Lil Muallim 2 working on the puzzle (wanted his picture going on the blog too as it is his puzzle 🙂


See other posts under the Category Montessori Inspired for more about the activities in the shelves.

Continent Recognition


The more I do it , the more I love Montessori method. The fixed colors of continents make things so much simpler and understandable for young minds.

I found these FREE Continent Nomenclatures cards (in Montessori colors) at the Helpful Garden. I almost jumped out of my seat, because I just happened to find these just as I was thinking of making them by myself.

I also found another free one here at Montessori helper.

Well back to our activity…… I cut and pasted our cards as soon as I had the printouts in my hand. Once done Lil Muallimah did this…..She used her big map for reference, Mashallah!


Next we played a few games of Twister as posted in my last post and then we did these extensions…

Continent Match up with picture cards


Continent Match up with name cards


We did another activity… Continent tracing that you can check out from the link below:

Other related activities:

Our World Map

Coloring the large scale World Map

Continent Tracing

Flagging the continents

Continent Shapes

Continent Game

Push Pinning Continents

Push Pinning Continents


I loved this idea since I saw it on several Montessori blogs. I didn’t have a big pricking tool or a fancy push pin, so I kept putting it off, until I had this Eureka moment and made my own push pins. Now why didn’t I think of this before…. DUH!!

I made our very own DIY push pins ready in less than ten minutes. I could not believe why I never thought of this before. I was not in favor of using the regular sized push pins. I could be wrong, but I thought the miniature sized ones were not only a safety hazard but would put too much strain on the hand on the lil ones.

Well here we are… our very own pushpins…. and cork board made by hot gluing two pieces of cork board  to make  a thicker surface for the pins to go through.


Lil Muallim # 2 sat and helped me make this as a wonderful assistant Mashallah. He even chose the colors.

He kept asking what they were for….and when I showed him , his eyes were gleaming with joy.


To my utter surprise he loved this activity so much that he ended up punching out three Africas in one sitting!!!

Other helpful posts on Montessori Push Pinning continents can be read here (Montessori Print) and here (My Montessori Journey).

More on making continent maps from the punched out parts can be seen here  (Moveable Alphabet) and here (My Montessori Journey).