How to do a Unit Study


I simply love the concept of unit studies. but that only happened when I played around with the idea and indulged in it. That’s when I realized I had actually done mini unit studies before without ever realizing it. 
I have to admit our Egg Unit study was the very first official and comprehensive one. More followed but unfortunately haven’t had a chance to grace the blog. Where time flies is simply beyond me………..!

As much as I like to be organized I am fully comfortable with doing things at the spur of the moment. All I need is a sudden light bulb moment, a new concept I discovered or a questions asked by the kids. Next thing I know I find my fingers tapping away on the keyboard and searching the cyber space. There are endless resources online, over the years I have learnt to skim through them find what I want Alhumdolillah.

We have done Unit Studies with  the following:

  1. a story
  2. a documentary
  3. history topic
  4. a science topic especially animal study
Once we figure we are doing a unit study, we indulge in research through our personal book collection, local library resources and ofcourse pinterest, homeschool blogs, search engines for ideas, printables, textual material pictures and videos etc…..
Next we may choose to indulge in it thoroughly and make a lapbook or notebooking….. or we really may just do it as a research project based on the questions that come up in the kids mind, where we may just look up the info for ourselves without actually making an organized written unit study.
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