NEW Chore Chart with a Purpose

Chore Chart with a Purpose
Finding a school chore chart in one of my Dollar store trips, encouraged to revive our chore chart system. With the kids ages more varied it can get a bit challenging but I am not ready to give up! The responsibility poster from Flowers of Islam adds a thoughtful purpose for my lil and (not so lil anymore)  helpers 🙂 It helps to fix the attitude and intention.

Helping around the house is not only a Sunnah but a big step towards accepting and fulfilling responsibility! Wouldn’t you agree?
As you can guess the chores are filled in with a dry erase marker as I did not remove the plastic cover of the Job Chart for convenience of erasing daily and durability. 

Ummi and Abi are added in it too so its just for the kids. So each individual gets 3 main big chores for the day………..On a side note Baba’s chores are random too depending on his availability due to his work and busy schedule.

What about Saturday and Sunday ? You may ask…. Our weekends are quite random and unpredictable we play those by the ear…..Also kids don’t get to CHOOSE their chores on the weekends (if we end up being home all day :):):) )

For the rest of the week I have a reference chart as a reminder of what needs to go on the chart and on what days on a regular basis.

You can see our previous post showing this and other posters by Flowers of Islam in our home for teaching importance of cleanliness and responsibility. 

I pray that our children become responsible individuals that can own and fulfill their responsibilities in and outside the realm of their homes with the correct purpose and continued diligencs. Ameen