Moon Phase Unit Study

Planning a Moon Phase Unit Study
I found this interesting Moon phases Unit Study which I hope to take inspiration from for our this years Lunar Calendar study. 
Every year before Ramadan we try and do a review of Moon Phases with respect to the Islamic Lunar Calendar…. The excitement of looking for the new moon for Ramadan and Eid are just priceless……..As exciting these special occasions are the homeschool mom in me cant help but help my kids appreciate the design and mathematics in Allah’s creation. Subhanallah….!
Every year as the kids grow they are able to absorb more and more details, which is great!!!
MOON UNIT STUDY by Susan Evans


And while were at this……. One just can’t help but LOVE this adorable  Moon Phases video :


Acorn Experiment


Lil Muallimah collected a bunch of acorns while out on a walk. When she same back she showed how many she had collected and that how some were green and some were brown.

Later that evening she suddenly said, Can I do an experiment with my acorns ?

Well experiment she did… she got out a glass first put the green acorn in and then a brown. “Mama look, the green one sinks and the brown one floats!” She was so excited that her experiments and that she got different results…:) Mashallah

She kept adding more acorns and kept noting her results… green ones (fresh fruit) sink, and the brown ones (drying/dryed) floated.

A simple yet cool experiment, thought and performed by Lil Muallimah all by herself 🙂 Mashallah!

I’ve linked this activity up on Living Montessori Now’s

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