Montessori Inspirations



Keeping the lil one engaged, busy and HAPPY while the older ones are doing their lessons is quite a challenge. We all have experienced it or soon will as the kids and our families grow Mashallah.

With constant demands of “I want to do MY work” from my Lil Muallimah I buckled myself up. So this year I am going to to try and provide fun activities to help her be happy during our lesson time. I had been doing a lot of unplanned casual play and learn activities with her. She is now ready for a more structured program (in a toddler way).

So in the next few posts I’ll be sharing teh various activities that have been in  Lil Muallimah’s shelves…

Having studied in a Montessori as a child myself, I am really amazed by the impact they still have on me. I not only loved them but MISS them even now 🙂 I got a chance to touch Montessori material again when I volunteered in one  for  a few months.

Truly inspired by Montessori methods, scouring the internet and guidance from my Montessori trained friends I came to the following conclusion.

“The next best thing to having and knowing how to use Montessori materials is trying to adopt and adapt Montessori ideas with available resources :)”

PLEASE NOTE:The following ideas are not entirely Montessori style but just an inspired effort. They do not follow the Montessori ideology to it’s core but do strive to have the essence of it.

The shelf holds bright colored tubs I bought from the $ store (3 for $ Alhumdolillah!)

How does it work?

Problem Solving: Puzzles

Math: Number Sense

Colors: recognition and matching

Arabic: Huroof Recognition

Spatial Sense: Shape recognition


Fine Motor Skills and Hand Eye Co-ordination

I’ll share the first one in this post:

The puzzle pieces for each of the puzzles are in separate tubs. Lil Muallimah chooses her puzzle and picks up the tub, brings it to her table and builds the puzzle..She then puts them back when she is done. I love the one concept per tub idea as it gives structure as well as control over the activity. Makes the clean up a natural thing to do Mashallah! There are always exceptions and I am willing to work with that.


Both the wooden puzzles are from $ store too! 🙂

And here’s Lil Muallim 2 working on the puzzle (wanted his picture going on the blog too as it is his puzzle 🙂


See other posts under the Category Montessori Inspired for more about the activities in the shelves.

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