World Map


Lil Muallimah got to color her own world map. I got the 6 page print out from Owl and Mouse website. and Lil Muallim 1 and 2 put it together as a puzzle with Lil Muallim #1 folding the sides to match it up.

Got to love team work. It is an important lesson to teach kids…….  helping out siblings. A true blessing when they do….Alhumdolillah!

She used her World Map to match the shapes of continents and colors. She was quite excited and did Australia and Africa in one sitting.

Just so she wouldn’t stress out if a bit of color came out of the lines, I oulined the continent with a think line at the borders as you can see in the picture below.

She did South America and North America next with others to follow.

Her neatness shows how much she prizes this 🙂  
Asia is waiting to be completed for the past week 🙂 I think today will be the day.

Yup…we did finish it today. First when I laid it out and asked her if she wanted to do it she said no. A little while later, I sat down and asked her if she would like me to make the outlines. That’s all I needed to say. We were all done in less than 5 minutes 🙂 

We also fixed some mistakes in the coloring by pasting a paper over certain parts (border of Europe and Asia) and reduced the size of Greenland. Different map projections have varying size for some areas. But that I’ll talk about in another post.

Next post will be about what we did with this map…. so stay tuned 🙂 

Other related activities:

Flagging the Continents


This download from Montessori Print Shop is a wonderful way to practice recognition and naming the continents. I printed out the black and white pages from the file and colored them in, by hand and  followed  the instructions to laminate and make the pinning flags.

Next day, I actually asked Lil Muallimah to help mak eher new activity. 

First I asked her to place the flags on to a styrofoam sheet.

Next I asked her to make some balls with sticky tack

Then I asked her fix the balls of sticky tack onto the black dots on the continents, on the World map.

Finally she got to do her activity. Pin the correct flag on to the corresponding continent matching the color and shape.

Now the same activity with a twist. Matching the names of the continents

The control of error in Montessori Activities does give a boost to the childs confidence. Love it 🙂

There“s actually another set of flags and a map that I haven`t finished making yet to go with this activity. Soon Inshallah!

Other related activities:

Acorn Experiment


Lil Muallimah collected a bunch of acorns while out on a walk. When she same back she showed how many she had collected and that how some were green and some were brown.

Later that evening she suddenly said, Can I do an experiment with my acorns ?

Well experiment she did… she got out a glass first put the green acorn in and then a brown. “Mama look, the green one sinks and the brown one floats!” She was so excited that her experiments and that she got different results…:) Mashallah

She kept adding more acorns and kept noting her results… green ones (fresh fruit) sink, and the brown ones (drying/dryed) floated.

A simple yet cool experiment, thought and performed by Lil Muallimah all by herself 🙂 Mashallah!

I’ve linked this activity up on Living Montessori Now’s

Montessori Monday

Straight and Curved Lines


When I downloaded these sorting cards from Montessori for Everyone , I really liked but thought that it was a limited activity in itself, as a child will soon master it in a few times. Which it did. 2 days back we revisited this activity adding more to….

For Straight lines….
I showed Lil Muallimah how to make sure to keep the string straight by holding and pulling it tight by both ends.

For Curved lines….
I showed Lil Muallimah to lay down the string and shape it by moving the finger alongside it to match the card 

All packed in a try for next time 🙂

I’ve linked this activity up on Living Montessori Now’s

Montessori Monday

Our Earth


 I got these from our local Dollar Store, to do what I have badly been wanting to do with my kids.

I distributed the blocks among each in pairs and placed them on waxed paper (parchment paper)

Lil Muallimah made a red ball…..

Lil Muallim # 2 rolled out orange….. 
….and covered the red ball 
….and then some more
Lil Muallim # 1 did yellow ….
and covered the orange ball 

Lil Muallimah rolled out blue and I flattened it out more….

and covered the yellow ball 

Then I made the continents with them


I cut it……..and Lil Muallim # 1 took pictures


Core, Mantle and Crust

The best part was that the kids made it all by myself with my help in the end with continents. They made the shapes for 4 continents, which I had to tweak a lil and I made the remaining 3 myself.

Honestly speaking Lil Muallim #1 guessed by the 3rd layer what I was making them do and asked if we were going to cut it too? Then the excitemnet gre even more Alhumdolillah! This was so much fun for all of us. I loves how all my Lil Muallims worked together to make this (besides the typical kiddiness in between :)).

NOTE: I think modelling clay is a better medium for this project as compared to play dough as it is stiffer and sturdier. It needs quite a bit of muscle strength for the kids but the results are rewarding 🙂 

I actually got the idea from Learning Ark. The 3 paqrt cards from freemontessori actually have divided the core into two parts the inner (liquid state) and outer core (solid state). But my Lil Muallim #1 suggested that having the core in red gives the visual of it being hot.  I think I like that idea.

Also Lil Muallim #1 wants to do this again on a larger scale……ahem…so may be then I’ll go strictly with the nomenclature cards 🙂
I will do formal lesson with this model tomorrow so rest will be posted later.
For now we can’t wait for Abi to come home and show him.


UPDATE: Abi wasn’t allowed to even go and change when he came home, all Lil Muallims gathered around him and showed him their model. Abi was surprised to see to say the least…haha.

He really liked the model and appreciated their efforts… exciting day Alhumdolillah

Being Autistic

Here’s a recent lesson I shared with my Lil Muallims on empathy, understanding, appreciation and gratefulness.

We can be quite ignorant at times, but it is not an excuse when our ignorance effects our behavior towards understanding those who may be different from us in any way.

I have always felt very strongly about how people, think, react and behave towards anyone who may have any kind of special needs. That’s the way I was brought up! Alhumdolillah!

I want to pass on the same compassion into my kids Beidhnillah. As a  homeschooler and being a part of many homeschool groups physical and online ones, I have been able to learn so many things from parent of children with special needs. Their dilemma, their courage, their struggles, their passion, their strength and their vulnerability. 

So much can be said on this topic and already is on so many blogs, I wanted to play my part in sharing the following in the hope that it helps others in some or the other way. 

Carlita Boyles, the author of Math on the Level who specializes in special needs education mentions in one of her talks about how she learnt a lot more from hearing an autistic child speak for ten minutes than what she did while getting her Master’s degree. Please hear her lecture Overcoming the fear of failure  on the MOTL website.

I was further touched to the core of my heart when she recently actually shared the video too upon request.

 Love the brilliance of his presentation…. what could be more realistic than that ! Another beautiful reminder of why, we should hear out our children and their feelings patiently. Their insight into their world and thoughts can be a mind opener for us. That’s why I like calling my kids Lil Muallims (little teachers).

 Children can also teach us so much Subhanallah! But we have to listen first! 

I am sharing here, three Muslim Mom blogs about their life with their autistic children that I have come across. They courageously share many of their personal stories, educating others along the way. I have shared some stories and discussed them with my children so as to help them relate and better understand.

Stranded Mom ( thanks for following me :))
Abes Sez
My Autistic Muslim Child

there are so many more……..

Ramadan Sensory Tub


Back in 2011 when Lil Muallimah was a toddler, in an effort to get the kids excited about Ramadan I made a Ramadan Sensory Tub. What had been just a brain wave and ended up becoming a fun and enriching experience for all of us by the blessings of Allah.

I spread out an old bordered cloth in tupper ware. Then I made prayer mats & kufi with felt and hijab with left over cloth from an & torn, cloth baggy. Lil Muallim 2 & Lil Muallimah had become really excited seeing those… wondering what they were for. They even laid down the prayer mat and and held the kufi on their heads and made sujood saying: “Look I did it! I made the smallest sajdah ever!”

The idea of a “Ramadan Sesnsory Tub” is to get to talk about Ramadan, it’s importance, requirements and activities.

Ramadan Sensory Tub Contents:

  • crescent moon and masjid with shiny card stock
  • two prayer mats
  • a hijab and kufi
  • a date wrapped in cling wrap
  • an empty wooden case of a very tiny mushaf for “Quran”
  • coins to show we should give Zakat
  • a small canvas frame with “Allah” on it to discuss dhikr, remebrance of Allah and being concsious of Allah at all times

When I introduced it to Lil Mualliamh. We got to discuss quite a few things Alhumdolillah! I got to see how her understanding of things could be enhanced by each time we went through the sensory tub Inshallah…..especially the importance and need of Dhikr and Zakah.

All my Lil Muallims really liked the Sensory tub and the older ones found it very cute.

Sensory Tub Vocabulary Words

  • Allah
  • Ramadan (9th Islamic Month)
  • Quran
  • dhikr
  • tamr (date fruit)
  • kufi (head cover for boys)
  • hijab (head cover for girls)
  • sajjadah (prayer mat)
  • hilal (crescent)
  • masjid (mosque)
  • sadaqah (good deed)
  • khairat (charity)
  • zakat
  • and hopefully more as we go

This year I will be redoing this for Lil Muallim # 3, but in a different way… Stay tuned.