Being Autistic

Here’s a recent lesson I shared with my Lil Muallims on empathy, understanding, appreciation and gratefulness.

We can be quite ignorant at times, but it is not an excuse when our ignorance effects our behavior towards understanding those who may be different from us in any way.

I have always felt very strongly about how people, think, react and behave towards anyone who may have any kind of special needs. That’s the way I was brought up! Alhumdolillah!

I want to pass on the same compassion into my kids Beidhnillah. As a  homeschooler and being a part of many homeschool groups physical and online ones, I have been able to learn so many things from parent of children with special needs. Their dilemma, their courage, their struggles, their passion, their strength and their vulnerability. 

So much can be said on this topic and already is on so many blogs, I wanted to play my part in sharing the following in the hope that it helps others in some or the other way. 

Carlita Boyles, the author of Math on the Level who specializes in special needs education mentions in one of her talks about how she learnt a lot more from hearing an autistic child speak for ten minutes than what she did while getting her Master’s degree. Please hear her lecture Overcoming the fear of failure  on the MOTL website.

I was further touched to the core of my heart when she recently actually shared the video too upon request.

 Love the brilliance of his presentation…. what could be more realistic than that ! Another beautiful reminder of why, we should hear out our children and their feelings patiently. Their insight into their world and thoughts can be a mind opener for us. That’s why I like calling my kids Lil Muallims (little teachers).

 Children can also teach us so much Subhanallah! But we have to listen first! 

I am sharing here, three Muslim Mom blogs about their life with their autistic children that I have come across. They courageously share many of their personal stories, educating others along the way. I have shared some stories and discussed them with my children so as to help them relate and better understand.

Stranded Mom ( thanks for following me :))
Abes Sez
My Autistic Muslim Child

there are so many more……..

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